Interviews with the regulars

Yesterday was primarily a video day. I had three videos of my own that I ended up shooting as well as helping Riante with one of hers.

The day started early as we both worked in the department on our written features, while also waiting for equipment being used by another team mate.

Once that arrived we headed straight into Mayfair to do an interview with Riante’s source. After that was done with headed to the Arabian cafe in Fordsburg. There we waiting a while, I took a break while Riante worked on her written feature.

Two of the regulars, Abbas and Ali arrived shortly after 4 and then we began the interviews. These were primarily about what people think are the health risks of hookah.

When these were done I took some shots of them playing an Arabic board game, which they play every day. After wards the owner of the lounge made a fruit hookah so that I could video the process.

When this was done we ran to the Egyptian Cafe to do one more interview with one of the regulars there. The day was a long one and by the end of it I only had the energy to climb into bed.


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