Filming afternoon prayer

When I woke up this morning I assumed I was in for a busy day, but it actually turned out to be one of my more relaxed days of the week.

This was only because in the morning I worked on my written feature and video storyboard, then in the afternoon I helped a classmate with her video.

While writing my feature I was struggling to finalize my introduction and my conclusion. They had to be descriptive enough, but not too much as to make it seem like a novel.

Then in the afternoon I helped a classmate, Riante Naidoo, with her video. She needed to take some shots if her character, Sophia, attending prayer in her Mosque in the afternoon.

Apart from the awkward looks that we received now and again from not wearing appropriate attire, such as a hijab, the video went off without a hitch.

Or so we thought until we realized that some of the sound wasn’t recording, which luckily Riante noticed in time to fix it. When we were finished we headed back to the department.

That’s when I was able to get an update on the student protests at the Union Buildings. I would have gone but for me Honours comes first and I already said I would help Riante with her video.

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