Stress of Multimedia

Today was the day that we handed in our story boards. Even though I had a character and a doctor for my video I still wasn’t sure whether it would work out due to my characters schedule.

After having a meeting with our video lecturer Zaheer, he gave me the idea if approaching Wits students who were smoking hubbly in the matrix to see if one of them would be in my video.

To my surprise I manged to find a character, Muhammed Rassoot, while he was smoking hubbly which the had made out of a absolute vodka bottle.

After speaking to him about some of the specifics of my video I headed back to the department to fetch my team mate, Riante Naidoo, so that we could go to Fordsburg.

In Fordsburg she went and spoke to the owner of a wedding venue about doing a video on the traditions surrounding Islamic weddings.

While she was doing that I headed to Doctor Leher’s office to see what times he would be available to do a video. He was unfortunately tied up with consultations so the receptionist said that they would call me back later with the times.

Feeling a little less stressed we left steaming hot Fordsburg for the day.

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