Video editing and dinner

This morning was one of the earliest that I have had for in-depth. I needed to be in the department before 8 to charge the equipment so that another group member could use it. After this was done I dived straight into editing my video. I had to sync my extra interviews and start finalizing … More Video editing and dinner


A day of video

Most of today was spent shooting videos for our multimedia feature. To get ready for this I spent most of my morning working on my story board and working a bit on my multimedia feature. The day did present itself with quite a few problems. The first was that the equipment arrived a bit late. … More A day of video

The doctor is in

I didn’t like much the idea of waking up this morning. I spent the weekend relaxing from the stress and exhaustion of the previous week so apart from working on my feature I was unable to get any leg work done. This meant that I was again left with a feeling of stress over my … More The doctor is in